Sunday Sauce

Sunday Tomato Sauce
with Dean Ween

 A lot of people have asked me to post more recipes on the website so I saw the opportunity yesterday to document the one staple meal of my lifetime--penne with meatballs and sausage, or as it's known throughout the Italian-American community, the Sunday Sauce. The basics of my recipe don't differ that greatly from anyone else's, even Lidia Bastianich, my personal cooking goddess. I've made this meal so many times that I can cook it in a state of unconsciousness. When we have large parties at our house I will cook this meal for 25 people. It is what I crave when I'm on tour and away from good food for a long period of time. If I were to post one recipe that I know the best, inside and out, then it's this. Please enjoy, and merry x-mas. The pictures are huge and it will be slow to load, sorry about that. Click the picture above .

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