Updated on 01/12/08

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Ween.com will be getting a makeover
Well people, get ready to say goodbye to the 4 eyed cow that has been the masthead of ween.com for so long. We have unanimously agreed that the website needs a dramatic overhaul and we also agree that our favorite websites have very little flash animation or fluff. The new look ween.com will be more like Googleís home page, nothing but the bare bones essentials. I have been handling the updates at ween.com since 1995 and it has just become too much for me to maintain. I will probably be sharing the webmaster duties from here on out with Greg and Pat Frey.

If you would like to get in touch with me you can always reach me at vealmarsala@gmail.com or through my fishing website at www.brownietroopfs.com There might be a short period where the website is a little buggy with old broken links and shit but we will be doing our best to insure a smooth changeover.



Ween Live at the Catís Cradle 1992 w/bonus DVD

Chocodog Records has released a live Ween CD from our old days as a duo. Live at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC 12/9/92. It comes with a bonus DVD which features clips from our first tour of Holland, and also Stache's in Columbus, OH. The whole thing is so brown that it's almost black.

The Ween Coloring Book-Onsale Now!
the Ween Coloring Book is onsale now. It was designed lovingly by Thea Wolfe and it will make the ultimate X-mas gift. Bundle it together with a live 1992 CD/DVD and you have the perfect gift for a Ween fan.

Brownietroop Fishing Show Website!
I have recently turned my passion for fishing into a t.v. show, okay so itís not on tv but it still sounds pretty cool. You can visit the blog site/tv show by going to http://www.brownietroopfs.com We have already filmed a bunch of episodes, please come check it out, and take us fishing, and buy some crap.

Gener's Ween photo page
Aaron has been documenting all of our travels with his camera and he has taken over the "gallery" section of this website. This is awesome. Check out his stuff by clicking the "gallery" tab in the upper menu. He's still getting it going so check back often for a behind the scenes look at Ween recording and touring.

Ween on youtube.com
Awhile back I encoded some VHS tapes onto my computer and I finally just realized that I could upload them to youtube.com Some of these have been circulating, some haven't, but you can check them out here.

Snail mail Ween
 If you want to send us anything, like dvds, gifts, cash, clothing, jewelry, whatever, you can do so by sending it to :
Mickey Melchiondo (or Aaron Freeman)
p.o. box 324 
New Hope, PA 

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